About the Pink Baby

Baby's estimated arrival date is November 24, 2010

Here's a little timeline to get you caught up to speed:

1/16/10 - off birth control, started TTC
3/13/10 - positive pregnancy test
4/13/10 - appointment with Prenatal Care Coordinator - blood test confirmed pregnancy. Hemoglobin 13 gm/dl.
5/3/10 - first OB appointment - heard heartbeat via doppler! 150 bpm

5/18/10 - 13 weeks - 2nd Trimester
6/4/10 - OB appointment - heard the heartbeat again, 140 bpm. Said I was "measuring small" (but didn't actually measure me) so that was her "medical reason" to schedule an ultrasound for the next appointment.
7/6/10 - 20 weeks - half way!
7/9/10 - OB appointment - 1st ultrasound. It's a girl! Everything looks perfect and healthy. She weights 13 oz, and is about 9-10 inches long. She's in the 59th percentile for size. Heartbeat 158 bpm (ultrasound), 145 bpm (doppler).
8/3/10 - OB appointment - saw Dr. H because Dr. B was on vacation. Heartbeat 137bpm. Measuring 22 cm (24 weeks.)
8/30/10 - OB appointment - Passed Glucose Screen (119mg/dl). Heartbeat 135bpm. Measuring 28 cm (28 weeks.) Hemoglobin 12.6 gm/dl.

8/31/10 - 28 weeks - 3rd Trimester
9/14/10 - OB appointment - Dr. B said looked like her head was down already! Measuring 30 cm (30 weeks.)
9/29/10 - OB appointment - saw Dr. F. She confirmed that head was down. Heartbeat 140s. Measured 32 cm (32 weeks.)
10/15/10 - OB appointment - Measured 34 cm (34 weeks.)


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