23 weeks

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I have so many updates, but no time to get them posted! Hopefully soon I'll be able to catch up. Summer is flying by faster than I can imagine. Our next appointment with Dr. B is next week already!

How far along: 23 weeks

Baby's size: A Papaya
Baby's little face is fully formed ... minus the baby fat, of course. This week marks the beginning of some serious weight gain. Her weight in the next four weeks alone should double! We've been hearing her heartbeat through a Doppler all along, but now it can also be heard through a standard stethoscope. The next task at hand for baby: sprouting two teeny-tiny nipples!

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Symptoms: Still getting a daily side-ache on the right side ache, feeling like my ribs are pulling apart, and getting back pain. Other than that, feeling pretty good!

Sleep: Sleeping is starting to get more challenging. It's tough sleeping on your side all night, especially with sore back and ribs. I've started sleeping with a pillow between my legs, which helps a little. Side-sleeping also isn't very kind on the shoulder - I tend to wake up with an arm that has fallen asleep. The tempurpedic pad we have on top of our mattress is literally saving my life these days, or at least my sleep! It takes so much of the pressure off of my shoulder.

Total Weight Gain: 2 more pounds this week, 17 total

Maternity clothes: I'm finding maternity clothes, especially pants, increasing appealing! I've got my eye on a couple pairs of maternity jeans. Just wish the good ones weren't so expensive!

Best moment this week: I just love feeling her move all the time. She especially seems to move more when I'm laying down or when there is music playing!

Movement: Feel her moving all the time! I can tell she's growing too. I used to only feel her down by my waist line, but now I'm starting to feel her move all over my stomach.

Food cravings: I have yet to experience the stop-everything-gotta-have-it food cravings!

Gender: Girl!

Labor signs:

What I miss: Buttoning - or even zipping - my pants. Sleeping on my stomach. Sitting with my legs scrunched up to my stomach. Slouching, or even just leaning forward in my chair without feeling like I'm going to suffocate. Bending over without at least a little discomfort. Lifting heavy things ...

What I'm looking forward to: Starting our baby registry!

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): 

Milestones: 5 months! How crazy is that!?

Emotions: I am feeling like there is SO MUCH TO DO! Need to research and pick a car seat, stroller, crib ... need to lineup a daycare ... need to figure out my maternity leave ... need to start a baby registry ... and the list goes on and on!


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