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Friday, September 17, 2010

... that will soon be our house!

Yes, that's right. Hubby and I are building a house. Though it may seem out of the blue to you, it's actually been a long time in the making. We first started talking about building a house when we got married. But we've been waiting for God's right timeing.

Once we found out that Ella was on her way, it seemed to kick things in high gear - especially for hubby! We debated back and forth about timing. Do we hurry and try to get the house finished before Ella comes? Or do we wait until next year? We currently live in a twin home - and while it has plenty of SPACE - it does not have a second bedroom on the main floor. Obviously this is not a necessity, but it would definitely be a plus to have Ella close to us at night.

Well this spring we started talking to builders, picked out a lot, and then started the long process of getting financing. By the end of August we had everything figured out. And yesterday we dug ground!

We could not be more excited! And yet a little scared. I think I may be insane to think that I can plan a house and have a baby at the same time! As the schedule sits right now, we will probably be moving with a six week old! Please tell me I haven't COMPLETELY lost my mind!

This decision also means we won't be setting up Ella's nursery until we are in the new house. Which - as all you moms who have felt the nesting instinct know - is extremely difficult for me! But I am trying to be practical here. We have a bassinet where she will sleep in our room for the first few weeks anyway, so it just is not necessary to have the crib set up in our current place.

I have been dieing to share this news with you all, but so much was up in the air so I held back. We have so many plans and ideas of how we will make this house our home. And now that it's official, I can't wait to share the details as the house progresses!


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