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Thursday, October 14, 2010

We started our childbirth education classes on Tuesday. I mentioned Monday that I was freaking out about delivery, and was hoping these classes would help ... I'm not so certain it did. At least not yet.

I'm sure it didn't help that I had this picture in my mind of what Lamaze class would be like - all the moms sitting around on mats (think yoga class), with dads sitting behind them, practicing breathing techniques. In reality, this was not at all my experience.

She covered SO much information, and really made me realize just how much I DON'T know. I just sat there trying to soak everything in, and feeling like I should have been taking copious notes! But I didn't. Really because I know I can always go back and look up the information, and just wanted to take advantage of hearing someone explain it all rather than just reading it. But it left me feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least.

And then the worst part. We watched a birthing video. Somehow both hubby and I made it through high school health class without ever having to partake in this joy. I think hubby was scared for life. And I didn't enjoy it much more. It didn't help that the video - a VHS tape - was from the late 80's. It also didn't help that the lady giving birth was actually naked and moaned like she was having sex rather than delivering a baby! Thankfully we were warned about the naked part so it wasn't a shock, but the whole thing was a little weird.

Towards the end of class we learned some massage techniques and some relaxation techniques. I found it slightly awkward sitting around with seven other couples while my husband massaged my head and arms ... trying to use it as a teach time to tell him what did and didn't feel good. Also the "nonscented" lotion smelled like baby powder and made us both feel sick. The relaxation techniques were helpful but nothing to earth shattering, and hubby didn't really understand what HE was suppose to be doing during the whole thing. But when the times comes I'm sure we'll be happy to have these tools to use.

Don't get me wrong, the class was very helpful. And I'm looking forward the the next few classes. I just feel so out of place and unprepared. But that is exactly what theses classes are suppose to eliminate, so I am optimistic at this point.


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