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Friday, August 13, 2010

Yesterday we went to our first prenatal class at the hospital. They have several classes that they offer, most for free. This one was an "early pregnancy" class. I'm not so early pregnancy anymore, but this summer just got so busy and time kind of got away from me.

There wasn't a ton of new information, but it was all very good. She went through all the stages to fetal development, which was good review. Most of it I already knew from my weekly emails and my iPhone apps, but it was nice to have someone else walk through the entire process. It was also really good for hubby to hear.

She also talked about all the different changes in my body, the symptoms I may experience, and what exercises and remedies are safe. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far, but I haven't avoided everything! So it was a good reminder of what I can do for some of the discomfort.

The biggest question she answered for me was about daycares. I have been quite baffeled about how to fined a good daycare in our area. I never went to daycare myself, and know very little about them. Honestly I don't want to send Ella to a daycare. I would love to be able to stay home with her, but financially that is not an option yet. And I really do love my job.

The nurse told us about the Child Care Resources & Referral website. Each state has their own, but the national site is http://www.naccrra.org/. On the site you can search for daycares in your area, and it will even tell you which ones have openings! I'll definitely be looking into this!

The most reassuring part of the class was hearing the nurse talk about the views of the hospital. I was very happy to find that they are very similar to my own. They feel strongly that natural induction is the best way. They also are very open to using minimal drugs, and they allow you to move around as much as you want during labor. Another cool thing, being that it is a smaller birthing center, they have a one-to-one nurse to patient ratio during labor and delivery. And the birthing center is also a locked facility; they do not allow strangers in to "look at the babies in the nursery." It's very reassuring to know that I will be so well cared for!


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