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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Having just started ttc, I haven't gotten into charting my bbt, checking my cm, taking fertility tests, or anything else. I've only been off 'the pill' for two months. So I figured I'd give my body some time to adjust, and just see what happens! Thankfully, my period seems to be as regular as ever! The first month off bc, it came just as if I was still ON bc!

But even though I'm not doing all that charting, I wanted a way to know roughly when I had better chances of getting knocked up. So I went searching once again.

In the category of "things I love," I discovered the coolest iphone app that does just that! I have to share it with you! (FYI I'm not getting anything for saying this, I just LOVE the app that much and hope you do too!) It's called the Period Tracker.

This is a really simple app that helps you keep track of your period, pms symptoms and moods. What's more, if you're trying to get pregnant like I am, you can also keep track of your bbt, weight and sexual activity. And the really fun part? Little pink flowers show up on the home page during your 8 day fertile window!

The Period Tracker app costs $2, or you can just get the Lite version for FREE! (The Lite version does not include bbt & weight charting.) You simple hit the big pink button on the home page the day your period starts, and it charts your cycle for you. Then you can pop over to the calendar to add your own details. Little hearts and flowers denote important days (aka sex and ovulation!)

In case you were wondering, those are not my notes!

The really cool part is that you can export your period dates and notes to your email, so you can easily share them with your doctor! AND there is a Period Tracker Companion for Men too. (I haven't tried this yet.) It will wirelessly sync your period dates so hubs knows when to be extra nice to you! But don't worry, your notes and symptoms won't sync.

I highly recommend checking this app out! Whether you just like to be organized, are NOT organized and don't want a surprise visit from Aunt Flo, or you're trying to get pregnant - it's a great little app!

Don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch? Don't despair! You can still use the period tracker online at Mon.thly for free.

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LaVonne March 11, 2010 at 1:31 PM  

Wow, this is pretty cool. Now only if it was 100% accurate when you were ovulating. :P


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