round two and some surprising tips

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The window of opportunity for round two has come and gone. Now we wait again! We have only just begun trying, and the suspense is killing me already!

In an attempt to keep my mind preoccupied, I'm busy researching things - anything. There is so much that the we women can do to increase the odds of getting pregnant, but it's easy to forget that the men play a role in this whole process too! Here are some surprising tips I've discovered about trying to conceive:

  • Give Him a Multi-vitamin. We all know the importance of taking prenatal vitamins ourselves, but vitamins are important for your man as well. A daily vitamin can help provide selenium, zinc and folic acid - all are important for sperm production and function.

  • Feed Him Fruits & Veggies. The antioxidants found in these help improve sperm health. Ok, so far not too surprising. But check out this next one.

  • Skip the Hot Tub. Who would have thought? Apparently, spending more than 30 minutes in water above 102 F can lower a guys' sperm count!

  • Keep Him Cool. This is similar to the hot tub thing. I guess hot work environments, tight undies, and having a laptop on his lap for a long time can also hurt sperm production.

  • Try in the Winter. At least there's one good thing about winter! Sperm counts are higher in the winter and lower in the summer.


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