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Monday, June 28, 2010

The coolest, most amazing thing happened last night! Hubby and I spent the weekend in the city - Saturday hubby's sister had a big 30th birthday party and then hubby and I celebrated our three year anniversary by staying at an amazing hotel downtown.

We stayed much later than we had planned, and started our three hour drive home about 10:30pm. Hubby was my hero and drove all the way home - with the assistance of a couple energy drinks. I did my best to stay awake and keep him company.

We were talking, he was in the middle of telling me something (who knows what), and suddenly I felt this really strange feeling in my lower abdomen. My stomach wasn't growling, it wasn't gas, it wasn't a cramp or the round ligament pains I've become oh-so-familiar with lately. No. It was something completely different. I interrupted hubby (very uncharacteristic of me, of course) and told him, "I think I just felt the baby!"

I had no idea if it was actually the baby I had felt. I have been watching and waiting to feel him, but had no idea what it would feel like. The rest of the way home I kept feeling the same thing every so often. With each time I become more and more convinced that it was indeed the baby. Hubby of course was so excited and wanted to feel it. He kept his hand on my stomach for probably half an hour but was never able to feel it. They are suck quick little movements, that even I have to be paying attention or I sometimes miss them.

I've continued to feel him move throughout the day today. Once I even thought I felt him from the outside, but it is so hard to tell if the feeling is coming from the outside, when you are feeling it inside as well! Hopefully hubby will be able to feel him soon! I think it would be so cool for him to experience that.

Feeling him move is by far the best feeling yet. There is nothing that makes it feel more real than actually feeling the baby move inside of you! So cool, and so strange all at the same time! Love it.


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